Empowering Positive Change
KOMIS provides consultancy and advisory services as well as research and development services, in the wider domain of monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • Monitoring Comprehensive monitoring services to ensure projects achieve their goals, with robust systems, data collection, and expert support.
  • Evaluation Rigorous evaluations to measure program effectiveness and impact, providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Knowledge Management and Learning Advanced knowledge management services, including MEL systems, innovative analysis, sectoral studies, and ad-hoc reports for continuous improvement.
103+ m&e assignments
  • People20
  • Planet21
  • Prosperity33
  • Peace52
  • Partnership33
13% Democratic governance
6% Democratic participation and civil society
6% Resilience, Peace, Security
13% Human Rights and Gender equality
13% Migration and Forced Displacement
6% Nuclear Safety
6% Health
6% Education
13% Sustainable Agri-Food systems and Fisheries
13% Environment, Sustainable Natural Resources
6% Micro-economic Analysis, Investment Climate, Private Sector, Trade and Employment
13% Social inclusion and protection
6% Sustainable Transport
6% Urban development
6% Climate Change and Sustainable Energy
6% Science, Technology, Innovation and Digitalisation
  • Asia and the Pacific 25
  • Africa 23
  • Latin America and the Caribbean 23
  • Europe 16
  • 300+
    Experts Mobilized
  • 12+
    Spoken Languages
  • 154
    Results Chains
  • 400
    Actionable Recommendations
Our approach

We customize our approach to align with the specific project design, remaining agile and responsive to the evolving needs of our government clients, funders, and stakeholders. Our approach is rooted in honesty, collaboration, and responsiveness, fostering dynamic relationships with a diverse array of clients. This stance allows us to co-create and refine projects in partnership with clients. Drawing on the latest research and ideas, we explore new avenues of development and offer strategic advice and research that creatively address the needs of people and the planet.

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