The Challenge
To increase the understanding of the EUD India of the combined contribution or potential contribution of the selected interventions towards the EU Gender Action Plan.

Our work and approach
The analysis reviewed eight monitoring reports using the draft Country Level Implementation Plan (CLIP), incorporating literature reviews and interviews with EUD staff. It focused on six key priorities aligned with the EU’s Gender Action Plan: promoting women's economic and social rights, enhancing their leadership and participation, improving gender equality in resource access, strengthening policy dialogue, increasing women’s involvement in climate change, and promoting trilateral cooperation with CSOs in India, the region, or Africa.

Results and Insights
Recommendations were provided to the EUD with a view to strengthening overall implementation and the interventions’ combined impact to WEE, focusing on how: a) to promote synergies with other EU-funded initiatives; b) to create and facilitate learning spaces on WEE; c) to adopt a comprehensive monitoring approach that allows for combined contributions to WEE to be captured; d) to revise logframes to ensure that progress is being adequately measure; e) to strengthen the MEAL capacity of the implementing partners; f) to conduct research to produce evidence and showcase results and how to; strategically identify common advocacy issues among the EU-funded interventions.