The Challenge
To contribute to a more effective follow-up and future programming of Trade interventions managed by the INTPA E02 - Unit for Trade, Investment, Climate, Enterpreneurship & Value Chains.

Our work and approach
International trade has provided ACP States and RECs opportunities for economic transformation and poverty alleviation. The EU, a key trade partner, supports ACP growth through agreements like the Cotonou Agreement and WTO-compatible EPAs. Despite this, ACP countries struggle with capacity gaps in trade implementation. Evaluations led to the creation of the ACP-EU TradeCom II (TCII) programme, funded by the 10th EDF with a 40 MEUR budget, to enhance ACP trade capacities and competitiveness. Seven grants were awarded in 2019 to various organizations, aiming to support regional integration and participation in the global economy. The report analyses the performance of the TCII programme.

Results and Insights
Evidence-based recommendations for ACP Trade development interventions focusing on integrated development program design, institutional anchoring, duration considerations, leadership and peripheral skills, human resources,and increasing focus on gender dimensions in these typw of programmes.